Technical Field Services maintains a 46,000 square foot maintenance shop which allows us to fabricate our clients work and ship directly to them, ahead of schedule.


  • Split Frame Machines - Operate from 2.000” to 72.000” pipe
  • Precision beveling & compound weld preps from 2.000" to 72.000”
  • Flange Facing up to 96”
  • Boring on nozzles, gamma plugs, thermal welds to 24.000"
  • Key mills, and mill slips to 72.000”
  • Gamma ports, and gamma plugs to customer specs
  • Bolt extraction
  • Pipe and large vessel segmentation
  • “O” ring groove machining
  • Precision hole induction
  • Precision milling and drilling operations
  • Journal Turning
  • Keyway Cutting
  • Line Boring
  • Man way / Hand hole grinding
  • Shop Machining
  • Component Fabrication


Technical Field Services flange facing machines are designed to mount to the pipe I.D. They are self centering and the mounting legs require less than 1.000" area for mounting. Technical Field Services flange facing machines produce a lathe quality surface on flat, raised or recessed face flanges in minutes. Technical Field Services machines are self centering which will decrease set-up time.


Technical Field Services bevel machines are designed to deliver fast and precise beveling, compound bevels, standard weld preps, "J" preps and can counterbore pipe, fittings and valves from 2.000" to 72.000" O.D. up to 4.000" m.w.t. Technical Field Services machines are self centering which will decrease set-up time.


Technical Field Services split frames machines are ideal for cold cutting pipe from 2.000" to 72.000" O.D. and up to 6.000" m.w.t. Technical Field Services split frame machines are easy to handle, set-up, operate and maintain during the tightest of schedules.

On Site Field Machining

Technical Field Services offers a complete line of “state of the art” on-site field machining services. Our team offers full service solutions to the power, petroleum, petro-chemical industries as well as maintenance and construction contractors at competitive pricing. Technical Field Services can deploy field machinist and required equipment upon notification of our client requirements and scope specification. Our on-site machining division has a full range of equipment as well as specialized tooling to address any application. Our experienced certified field technicians arrive equipped with the latest, most reliable, most durable equipment available today.