Heat treating is an industrial process used to alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, properties of metal. The heat treatment process involves the utilization of a controlled heating and cooling to achieve a desired result such as hardening or softening of the material.

Technical Field Services offers our clients a complete division dedicated to on-site heat treating services. We provide solutions to our customers. We offer complete turn-key capabilities to equipment rental. Technical Field Services equipment allows for a variety of project implementation. Whether your project requires complete on site support or off site control and monitoring, Technical Field Services can engineer a site specific heat treatment program to fit your needs.


As an added way of cost reduction, Technical Field Services offers its INTELLISITE monitoring system. With our INTELLISTE monitoring system, our clients have a choice of on-site monitoring or off-site monitoring as a way of reducing overall project labor costs. All documentation is digitally recorded and presented at the daily Quality Control turnover. By utilizing Technical Field Services INTELLISITE Control, our clients have reduced their heat treating costs by as much as an additional 20 percent.


Our certified technicians are highly trained regarding thermal application. From Carbon Steels (P1) to High Alloy Chrome (P91) Technical Field Services technicians are trained on all codes ASME, ANSI and AWS D10.10. Technical Field Services utilizes multiple disciplines of thermal application including low voltage, high voltage, combustion and induction heat processes. Technical Field Services also offers project planning, project control and project oversight as a way to decrease our clients cost.


As a means of decreasing costs, Technical Field Services offers site supervision for any heat treating requirements. Technical Filed Services supervisors will train client labor and/or local labor and implement code requirements for heat treating. By utilizing Technical Field Services supervision to direct site personnel, our clients have reduced their heat treating costs by as much as 40 percent.


Technical Field Services High Velocity Combustion Trains have been proven in heating projects where heat uniformity, accurate control, dependability, and safety is critical. Our equipment features a turndown ratio of 100:1 and has burner sizes 500,000 BTU/hour to 20 million BTU/hour. Each high velocity combustion train features both manual and automatic controllers that provides high volume, uniform low temperature conditions which is critical in the beginning of a heat cycle. Our units are portable to allow for mobilization to your fabrication facility or to your work location when the work pieces are too large to transport for heat-treating. Technical Field Services can mobilize, externally insulate existing structures and then heat the structure from the inside, turning the structure into its own furnace.


•Post Weld Heat Treatment •Stress Relieving •Refractory Dry-Out •Coatings •Cures

•Process equipment •Vessels •Pipes •Foundries •Welds •Tanks


Technical Field Services utilizes "State of the Art" heat treating equipment to perform resistance heat treatment. Technical Field Services offers 6 zone, 9 zone and 12 zone completely automated and manual consoles as well as mobile units with up to 72 individual control zone.


•Welding Preheats •Post Weld Heat Treatment •Stress Relieving•Normalizing

•Annealing •Line Thawing •Induction


Technical Field Services offers a complete line on induction heating services. Induction heating utilizes high frequency waves to heat the work piece to the desired temperature quickly and safely. Technical Field Services induction units also allow for a quick set-up and tear down, helping reduce the overall cost of the project. Technical Field Services induction unit features both manual as well as automatic controllers that allow for finite control where narrow focused heat is a requirement.


•Welding Pre-Heats •Post Weld Heat Treatment •Annealing •Normalizing

•Hydrogen Removal •Turbine Bolt Heating •Turbine Rotor De-Stacks

•Retaining Ring Removal •Heating of Rotating Parts •Decontamination

Heat Treating